Our story

Hey, thanks for stopping by!
My name is Honey-Rose and I really love op shopping!
Not only is it super fun to see what you can find (like a treasure hunt!) but it is also such a positive thing for the environment. 
After becoming a mum, I realised that it can be so hard finding time to head out for a good day of picking. It's tricky trying to juggle children, work, sports, family, holidays and birthdays all while trying to catch the op shop during opening hours. And sometimes when you finally get a small window, the store can seem so overwhelming, sifting through piles, not knowing what to look for, and lets be honest, the smell can be a little much.
That's where we come in! 
We absolutely understand the struggle and adore trying to find the best items for you and your family. From vintage and retro inspired, to handmade with love, and a great piece of nostalgia, I hope you find something you truly love.
Well, get comfy, stay a while and have some you time- you deserve it!